Sensible Main Studio

Sensible Main Studio Diagram

Sensible Studios

Main Studio

Designed, by Recording Architecture, around a Euphonix 96 fader (48 moving) CS3000 console with 104 dynamic inserts.

Digital control of the analogue signal incorporates such facilities as total recall, snap shots, mix and realtime EQ automation (2 per channel).

Live Rooms
The main live room is suitable for all kinds of tracking, including: drum kits, vocals, pianos and string quartets.

We have tie lines to various satellite spaces across the building including our multipurpose space, Studio 4, linked to the main studio via 48 channels of Klark Teknik active mic split/pre amps.

PMC Custom CB5’s powered by Bryston / PMC TB1 with 5.1 capability / Yamaha NS10 / Auratone / Mackie / KRK

Pro Tools HD3 system incorporating DigiDesign 192 / Apogee AD8000 / 888 with 24 bit 96k capability. Using ProTools 6.7 and 7.2 with a comprehensive selection of plugins, including ‘Waves’, ‘Sony Oxford’ and ‘Pultec’.

Extensive selection includes: 2x Fairchild 670 valve compressors / Urei / DBX / Joe Meek / SSL / GML / TubeTec / AMS / Avalon / Eventide / Lexicon / Chiswick Reach

Extensive selection includes: Sony C800G / Neumann vintage valve U47 / Nuemann U47 mosfet / Nuemann U87 / AMS stereo or quad sound field / EV / AKG / Shure / B&K / Groove Tube / Senken / Sennheiser /Audix

Tape Machines
Otari MTR100A 2’’analogue and Sony 3348 digital MT tape recorders / Time Code DAT / Fostex E16 / Cassette / Umatic / Beta SP/DA88/PCM900